Dedicated to the improvement of Retired NFL Players’ quality of life, many of our officers and members, either collectively or singly, have aggressively worked behind the scenes as forerunners to better our colleague’s lives. For some of us, it has been a sixty-year scrimmage with the most noted advancement of our efforts coming within the past ten years through recent public awareness, congressional hearings, medical research, and litigation.

​​​​The fruits of our labor have to some degree contributed to adjustments in the long-standing retired player strategy of the NFL and NFLPA. The net result of these inroads over the years has been the creation of several different programs and funds to aid the physical hardships incurred by former NFL players. This is not to say we are not grateful for these programs for they do help some of our colleagues. However, they do not fully address the challenges we as retired players face on a daily basis, not to mention the challenges for our families.  Many of the assistance programs are restricted by definition, and we have no direct representation ​or control.

​​​​In simple terms, this relationship has placed the retired player and his family in a beggar’s role dependent on the charity of the NFL. No dignified human being that makes an economic contribution to the building of a multi-billion dollar empire should ever be placed in this position, unless they refuse to take responsibility for their own fate. The Retired NFL Players Congress gives all of us the means to step out of that former attitude, and into a new business relationship with the NFL to bring about a much-needed change.

​​​As team members we understand the term, “strength in numbers” and the power that comes from cooperation. The Retired NFL Players Congress was established to give every man with at least one Credited Season in the NFL a “voice and vote” where there has been none, so that we might create a new game plan for the betterment of our benefits.

Committed to establishing equivalent retirement plans to that of Major League Baseball, we have, we are and we will improve the quality of life for the retired NFL players and their families.